Community ReUse Center Template



Why start a Community ReUse Center?

Community ReUse Centers can benefit any and every community, but your community will only get to access these benefits if people get together to start one up! Every idea starts somewhere, so why can't this one start with you? Reusable materials are entering waste streams everywhere at great environmental cost. One Community ReUse Center can make a huge difference, not only by diverting reusable materials from landfills, but also by promoting awareness about consumption and waste, providing access to low-cost secondhand items, generating sales tax revenue, and creating jobs for local community members.

How can I start a Community ReUse Center in my area?

We are so glad you asked! This website is here to help by getting you through all the steps you'll need to build a business plan for your Community ReUse Center!

Is my community ready to support a Community ReUse Center?

Any community in the U.S. that throws items "away", and has people looking for work will benefit from a Community ReUse Center. Reuse is already happening in many forms in your community, because the systems already exist. People purchase used cars and used homes every day. Used clothing is more widely available. Why not create a place that building materials, tools, cabinetry, lighting, furniture, computers, electronics, and housewares can be exchanged as well?


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 This project was developed by Finger Lakes ReUse in partnership with Cornell Cooperative Extension of Tompkins County